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High quality products with short delivery term.

TEMSA has developed and manufactured specific tools for different wear and cutting applications and several grades of tungsten carbide.
TEMSA has more than 30 years experience in manufacture of tungsten carbide . TEMSA has developed a steady process with all variables controlled and under specific parameters which guarantee a high quality product. We also provide the best customer service in the industry which can be seen in the personal attention given to the client and a delivery term of less than 2 weeks for preforms and semi-finished pieces.

Co%Density (g/cm3)TRS(MPa)Hardness (HV30)Grain sizeApplication
3012,7≥ 2300≥ 700ExtracoarseExtrem toughness High ressistance to impact needed. Extreme resistence to shock
2812,9≥ 2500≥750ExtracoarseExtrem toughness combined with little resistance to wear. High Resistence to shock
2513,1≥ 2800≥ 850CoarseHigh tenacity. Upsetting for several applications.
2013,5≥ 2480≥ 850CoarseReduction an pointing tools with upsetting loads. Pins for powder metallurgical pressing process
2013,528001025MiddleHigher reduction processes, and reduction of upsetting loads
1514,0≥ 2220≥ 1050CoarseExtrusion and reduction dies. Wire drawing dies.
1514,03000≥1100MiddleExtrusion process with some upsetting loads. Wire drawing dies. Tools for ammunition. Backward extrusion punches. Rolling dies.
1214,33000≥1275FineHigh extrusion combined with some toughness / Very usual grade for piercing, extrusion and calibrating punches.
814,7≥ 1900≥ 1300MiddleHigh resistance to wear out. High extrusion dies up to 80% reduction. Piercing, extrusion and sizing punches. No transversal loads expected.
614,9≥ 1600≥ 1600FineVery Hard / Extreme resistance to wear / Shock sensitive/ Wire drawing dies and compacting dies for PM.


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