The most complex geometries

TEMSA has a division which is focused solely on the manufacturing of punches in steel and carbide for different applications. Combining different processes of machining and grinding specifically for these tools, the most complex geometries are obtained with the highest precision.
For that we develop and research the most innovative processes which allow us to achieve geometries, both cylindrical and other shapes together which reach high tolerances and form throughout the longitude of the punch.

An ample bar stock from various suppliers allows us to react quickly before any need or emergency which our clients could have. A young and highly qualified team is exclusively dedicated to offer the best service, maintaining a delivery service, which if necessary, can be less than a week.
Finished or semifinished products, single orders or ongoing large orders for high volume manufacturing, 3 day delivery time or available on call-off for deliveries that need to be spaced out, TEMSA adapts to the needs of each and every client.

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High tech solutions for the most in demand processes.