We make the most complex tools with the most demanding tolerances.

TEMSA specializes in the manufacturing of high precision tooling according to the necessary specifications for cold forming and warm forming as well as powder metallurgy. For this reason the company has a very powerful, modern, automatized machine park with CNC machines from the leading manufacturers in milling, lathing, grinding, and EDM. The combination of all of these processes together with our highly qualified team makes TEMSA able to manufacture a wide range of tools covering a wide variety of markets, applications and uses. Cylindrical tools, with shapes, made of tungsten carbide or special steels, monobloc or modular, with tolerances of up to ±0.001mm and delivered just in time even with the purchase of a single unit, TEMSA adapts to whatever need its clients might have.

Product development and technical support
As the market advances TEMSA always stays up to date with state of the art technology in manufacturing and applications. All of the accumulated experience that the company has with the designing of processes and tools is available to those who need it to solve even the most complex challenges in cold forming. Often solutions can be difficult to find for companies on their own due to a lack of time or know-how.
TEMSA offers a turnkey product development service covering the entire design process and cold forming tools, the manufacturing of tooling, and setting up the machine in the client’s workplace, all done in record time.
Additionally you can count on a team of 6 designers who carry out technical support to solve occasional issues in the tool design process and, if necessary, an outsourced technical office service, depending what you need at any moment.
Finished or semifinished products, single orders or ongoing large orders for high volume manufacturing, 3 day delivery time or available on call-off deliveries to be delivered spaced out, TEMSA adapts to the needs of each and every client.


High tech solutions for the most in demand processes.