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Punches need to have the proper balance between hardness and tenacity depending on their final use so the range of materials and coatings to be applied is very large. TEMSA has gatheredvast experience in machining all kinds of tempered steels and tungsten carbide. Furthermore, the complex geometric shapes and high accuracy of these parts require a large number of processes, for which TEMSA has standardized and robotized most of them both combining CAD-CAM and simulators in order to be reliable to work on its own and have the precision these tools require.
TEMSA possesses high speed cutting centres to manufacture complicated frontal profiles of the upper and lower punches after the heat treatment and with high hardness: between 60-64 HRc.

Standardized and precise
execution. Advice in choice
of materials and coatings.

Asesoramiento en las calidades de acero para las distintas aplicaciones:

· ASP-2005 + Balinit Top A: Perfect balance between tenacity and wear resistance.
· ASP-2012 + AlCrN: If high tenacity is needed.
· ASP-2023 + AlCrN: An extra reinforcement for wear resistance.
· Tungsten carbide 20%Co-15%Co-12%Co: The best option for wear issues. Optimal performance in long series where the geometry of the contour needs to be kept unchanged.

Machining of frontal profiles in both tempered steel and tungsten carbide: Profile reworking service.
Standardized and robotized EDM and Wire EDM processes. Tooling reworking and maintenance.
Mirror polish with ultrasound equipment.
± 0.001mm tolerances
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