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Open dies


Open dies

Open tools represent one of the most complex tooling typologies within the cold forming sector. The vast experience with these tools, gathered by TEMSA during its business development, is available to its customers: from design to material and coating choice. TEMSA not only manufactures the tools but also designs whole toolsets.

TEMSA utilizes precise EDM & wire-EDM machines, electrode machining centres, CNC lathes and 3D measuring equipment, all standardized, connected to the same EROWA system and complemented by state-of-the-art CAD-CAM software, such as POWERMILL, MASTERCAM, FIKUS & SIMCT. TEMSA is ready for any challenge its customers face, manufacturing high quality open dies for them and cooperating with them in order to create products that otherwise would not be feasible.

TEMSA designs and manufactures
open dies: from a single tool to
the entire project, ensuring the
success of the final forged part.

Material and coating advice.
Perfect tangent radius.
Mirror polish before and after coating.
Fully automated wire-EDM process.
Different technologies.
Mechanical Processing surfaces when it is geometrically possible.
± 0.005 mm tolerances.
Possibility of tooling design.
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