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Punches – cold forming



TEMSA is equipped with new modern high precision CNC grinding centres with the necessary technology for grinding complex shapes with very narrow tolerances. This technology, together with EDM and high-speed machining makes it possible producing any special shape.

A young and expert team, using state-of-the-art CAD-CAM software, such as POWERMILL, MASTERCAM, FIKUS & SIMCT, supported by modern simulation software can generate the most complex shapes.

CNC grinding centres with the last
technologies make possible
grinding ellipsoid and oval shapes
with high precision.

Advice on carbide and steel grades for different applications.
Perfect tangent radius.
Mechanical processing of surfaces when it is geometrically possible.
Highly complex shapes.
TiN coating, different coatings to be applied depending on the material.
Mirror polishing before and after coating.
CAD-CAM in all machining processes.
± 0.005 mm tolerances.
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