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Non-rotating systems & locking bolts


Non-rotating systems & locking bolts

TEMSA’s non-rotating systems and locking bolts have a very precise geometry. The use of EDM technology results in a perfect match between each tooth. TEMSA can produce any toothed profile. Either by wire-EDM or EDM any radius between each tooth is also possible.

The EDM technical department is exclusively devoted to shaping the required parts. Because of the multiple
robots and standardization systems operating in the department, human interaction only occurs outside the machine.

The electrodes are processed on
a high-speed EROWA Machining

Advice on carbide and steel grades for different applications.
Mechanical Processing surfaces when it is geometrically possible.
Prefect tangent radius.
EDM and wire-EDM standardized and robotized.
Complex electrode EDM machining with perfect concentricity and alignment between profiles.
Advice on different types of coating.
Mirror polishing before and after coating.
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