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Trilobular & hexalobular dies


Trilobular & hexalobular dies

Trilobe, pentalobe and hexalobe dies are manufactured at TEMSA’s EDM department. This department is fitted with fully automated feeders and EROWA robots.

EDM & wire-EDM machines, electrode machining centres, CNC lathes and 3D measuring equipment are all standardized and connected to the same EROWA system. This allows for measurements to be performed only once at the beginning of the process. These measurements go directly to a palletized robot that automatically feeds the machines with the tools to be processed.

TEMSA manufactures carbide trilobe,
pentalobe and hexalobe dies following
its own data tables or using the
specifications from the costumer.

± 0.005mm tolerance precision.
Machine finish: no deformation on process.
Accurate tangent radius.
Steel punches with extruded-pressed shapes.
Conical shape achieved by wire-EDM processing.
Perfect positioning between internal & external parts: all processed at the same time.
Fully automated wire-EDM process.
Mirror polishing before and after coating.
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