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Metal packaging tooling


Metal packaging tooling

Aware of the new future challenges that lie ahead, TEMSA gives special importance to diversifying its products. One area of growing importance due to its high demand is the metal container with all its variables: rigid containers for beverages and canned food, flexible packaging for creams toothpastes, adhesives, silicones and others.

A new fully robotic grinding cell with built-in dimensional control ensures the quality and improves productivity whilst continuously working 24/7. The grinding and polishing of the inner profile of all forming tools is performed in a single operation with perfect tangency between cones and radius.

Quality, Innovation, Competitiveness
and Productivity is an essential part
of the TEMSA project and a priority
for the coming years.

Advice on carbide and steel grades for different applications.
± 0.005 mm tolerances.
Perfect tangent radius.
Dies for flexible packaging with identification marks for the blind.
The whole profile is processed on a single operation.
Large number of shapes with very high geometric complexity.
Mirror polishing.
CAD-CAM simulator during the grinding process.
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