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Ammunition tooling


Ammunition tooling

Globalization presents new challenges to business. For TEMSA, it is vital to diversify its products, and one of them is to serve the military industry. By all means TEMSA intends, to advice and manufacture ammunition tooling with the maximum quality and using advanced carbide grades and special steels. CNC grinding centres make possible grinding pointed shapes completely finished with a mirror polished surface.

CNC grinding replaces traditional eroding process and manual polishing. Grinding and polishing of the inner shape of all forming tools is done in one step with a perfect tangent between cone and radius.

Accurate grinding and polishing
process in pointed forming dies
replaces eroding process and
manual polishing.

Advice on carbide and steel grades for different applications.
± 0.005 mm tolerances.
Perfect tangent radius.
CNC grinded and polished pointed dies.
The whole profile is processed on a single operation.
Large number of shapes with very high geometric complexity.
Mirror polishing.
CAD-CAM simulator during the grinding process.
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