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In order to measure the accuracy of a tool not only technology is required. TEMSA manufactures tools of measurement aimed to control sintered parts. From cylindrical GO/NO GO gauges up to the most difficult geometrical shapes with a precision of 0.002mm. The mechanizing of tungsten carbide gauges allows TEMSA to guarantee the accuracy of the measurements to be controlled even under highly intensive use. TEMSA manufactures all shapes, if geometrically possible, without EDM process, improving the life span of its tools.

High accuracy to achieve
the most precise tools and
the ability to adapt itself to the
needs of the most challenging customers.

Design of control and measurement mechanisms.
± 0.001 mm tolerances.
Tungsten carbide and steel gauges.
Possibility of applying coatings to increase the life span of the tool.
Possibility of certification by Spanish National Accreditation Body (ENAC).
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