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The tools that appear to be the simplest are not always the easiest to manufacture. This is precisely the case with the pins which work together with the lower and upper punches. The high accuracy and uniformity of both planes and radiuses all along the surface make this tooling a very challenging product. CNC grinding, milling and EDM machines, all standardized and robotized with EROWA, allow TEMSA to achieve the required shapes in a single operation. This permits TEMSA to keep the necessary uniformity along the contour and avoid the risky accumulation of deviations in such long parts.

TEMSA manufactures complex profiles by grinding and milling, avoiding erosion

Advice in steel and tungsten carbide qualities for several applications.
Standardized and robotized EDM and Wire EDM processes and if possible also milling and grinding processes for complex profiles also.
Possibility of very complex geometrical shapes.
Mirror polish with ultrasonic equipment.
± 0.003mm tolerances.
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