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Header dies


Header dies

Header dies are a fundamental part of cold forming. They are exposed to a very high pressure and to very heavy wear conditions and cracking.

For this reason, TEMSA has developed over the years design improvements in order to increase tools’ performance, easy replacement of damaged components and cost reduction. Performance is improved using different qualities of carbide or applying different surface coatings. Being able to replace damaged elements whilst leaving the undamaged components also reduces cost. Header dies carry out different function like heading, reducing, extruding, drilling or cutting.

TEMSA will help you in the design
of modular heading dies for
interchangeable carbide nibs.

Conical nib for easily removal and replacement of nibs using the same casing.
Double high-speed steel or carbide hoop with a back-guide thickness for easier replacement and reusing with the case.
Open hoop for easier replacement of nibs and to increase interference.
On the segmented header dies all segments are identical thanks to EDM wire cutting process. Worn-out segments can be easily replaced by new ones.
Headers can be produced with a double and triple hoop.
Different PVD coatings depending upon the extruded material.
Polishing before and after coating.
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