Technical meeting: new trends in Cold Forming and Forging organized by M.Altuna Institute and Asefi.

TEMSA is attending the technical meeting about the Cold Forming industry 4.0 organized by M.Altuna Institute and Asefi. The meeting is divided among two separated subjects.
The first part is going to be about Trybologic systems and current researches accomplished by Institutes and Universities all over Europe:
Decission support system for trybology simulation in forging processes
Trybologyc tests in bulk metal forging
Numerical models for friction simulation

The second part is about the 4.0 industry in the warm and cold forging, with very interesting talks about how the trends in the cold forging industry.

TEMSA attends to the Tecnical Meeting organised by M.Altuna Institute and Asefi

TEMSA hast taken part in the Technical Meeting about Lubricating Systems in Cold Forming organized by M. ALTUNA Institute and Asefi.
The conference was about the significance of the Lubricating systems in the cold forming as a sometimes forgotten subject to be dicussed in depth. Several technical speakers from companies involved in this subject broke down all the key points to the more than 50 attendees:
- purpose of the lubricating systems (by Sebir)
- variables influencing in friction
- preparation of material–> different lubricant carriers, with and without Zinc phosphate (by Chemetall)
- different oil lubricant and how the lubricant manufacturers verify the performance of the lubricating systems (by Fuchs)

In addition, there was a special emphasis in the enviromental aspect of this part of the cold forming process.

PLUSDUR achieves ISO 9001:2008 certification

PLUSDUR has achieved recently the ISO 9001:2008 certificate, which recognizes the process quality management system in the company and validates it as a high quality supplier for the most challenging markets worldwide. This certificate has been issued after a comprehensive audit performed in its facilities in Barcelona by the prestigious company TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH. PLUSDUR, manufacturer of tungsten carbide and steel punches, market leader in Spain, continues its internationalisation process, providing itself the necessary tools to reinforce its position where it is already present and to achieve new markets where it was not possible to enter yet. 




ISO certification

TEMSA renews ISO 9001:2008 Certification

TEMSA has renewed once again its ISO 9001:2008 certification, issued by the prestigious company TÜV Reihnland Cert GmbH, after a comprehensive audit performed on its production facilities, in Barcelona. The ISO 9001:2008 is the world’s highest recognition for meeting manufacturing and service standards of excellence. TEMSA, as a manufacturer of carbide tooling for cold forging and sintering, and a key supplier of the most important companies in the automotive industry, has received this reward that compensates its efforts for meeting and exceeding the most demanding quality standards, and positions itself as a reliable and long-term partner in the industry.
ISO 9001:2008 TEMSA


TEMSA purchases a new CMM Mitutyo Crysta Apex S

TEMSA has purchased a new coordinate-measuring machine Mitutoyo Crysta Apex S to be used exclusively by the erosion and HSC departments. This new acquisition is aimed to improve the pre-setting of the tools to be processed there, since EDM, Wire EDM and HSC are the most important among the manufacturing processes in TEMSA.

The increasing relevance of TEMSA in the powder metallurgical market and the rising complexity of the tools for cold forming makes necessary to apply thorough controls even between intermediate processes. Thus, together with our EROWA system high reliable and standardized measurements will be performed in a very fast and agile way.

The Mitutyo Crysta Apex S is a high precision device (in the range of 1.7µm) and is able to correct temperature variations between 16° and 26°. In addition to point-to-point measurement, the MPP-310Q and Mitutoyo Laser probes provide a contact/non-contact scanning function.

This device, together with the last acquisitions accomplished during the last 2 years have completely renovated the most important department in TEMSA – Erosions and HSC – in each of its machines. This prepares TEMSA to respond with high flexibility and quality to the most challenging markets and clients.

CMM Mitutyo Crysta Apex S

Successful first participation in the EPMA exhibition

TEMSA is very satisfied how things have gone during its first participation in the exhibition organized by the European Powder Metallurgy Association. During 3 days technicians and senior managers of the main PM parts manufacturers in Europe visited our booth to get to know more about what TEMSA has to offer.

The fact that the event was high technical in nature made that the attendees were qualitatively very remarkable also, since most of the visitors were decision-makers. Thus, in this exhibition the most important actors in the PM market were present: from powder, presses and tooling manufacturers to other suppliers of vital auxiliary services, such as measurement devices or the fixation system manufacturer EROWA (which is extensively utilized by TEMSA).

This exhibition and the next to come represent a logical continuation of the diversification strategy of TEMSA in the PM market, where it is achieving step by step a world player role.


TEMSA appears in the Fastener + Fixing Magazine

TEMSA appears once again in the Fastener + Fixing Magazine. This time the acquisition of PLUSDUR has called the attention of the popular magazine and has published an article for its issue 94 July, 2015.

Fastener + Fixing Magazine is a world leader in the fasteners industry and published the most relevant news of the market, and so has decided to publish the acquisition of PLUSDUR by TEMSA in the special issue of Dies + punches, since it means the origin of a key global player in the cold formed fastener industry.

The resulting group enjoys of significant synergies and covers the whole range of products for the cold forming industry: from dies to punches and ejectors, either rounded or non-rounded internal and external profiles, thanks to the flexibility of PLUSDUR and the powerful erosion and CNC grinding departments of TEMSA.

TEMSA publishes a new catalogue for Open Dies

TEMSA has published a new catalogue for open dies due to the high demand observed lately, both for the manufacture and the design of the tools.

The main goal of this catalogue is basically to broaden the knowledge of this product among the current partners of TEMSA. On the other hand it tries to inspire and encourage those ones who currently do not have enough know-how in this technology so they ask TEMSA for help if they feel this drawback is insurmountable in order to improve their product range.

TEMSA has significantly increased the production of open dies, since the segments of TEMSA are independent and interchangeable between each other and this is a plus for the technicians.

This catalogue was first introduced at the Fastener Fair 2015 in Stuttgart and it was very well received. The open dies are going to be considered, together with the popular catalogue of TEMSA Extrusion dies the flagship of the cold forming tooling by TEMSA.


TEMSA purchases a new wire EDM machine AC Progress VP2

TEMSA goes on with new purchases. This time it has been a new AC Progress VP2, like the last machine, as well from the swiss company GF Machining Solutions. This machine will strengthen the Wire EDM department, becoming the 5th machine working in it.

AC Progress VP2 represents another step forward to improve productivity in the high-value processes. The key point of this machine are similar to other machines with AGIE technology: maximum precision, high quality surface finish and perfect repeatability. In addition this machine offers the advantage of using 2 different wires on a single-wire system, also called Duo TEC technologies, which allows save time and wire cost.

This new acquisition together with the new hole drilling EDM, TEMSA will reinforce all departments working in high-value process with up-market machinery: HSC, inner grinding, Spark EDM and Wire EDM. TEMSA gets so ready for the new challenges coming.

AC Progress VP2

AC Progress VP2

TEMSA takes part in the Fastener Fair 2015 Exhibition in Stuttgart

TEMSA, as a worldwide key player in the cold forming industry, is going to take part in the Fastener Fair exhibition that will take place in Stuttgart during March, 10th-12th 2015. The Fastener Fair has consistently increase its number of both exhibitors and visitors, gaining so a place in the biennial agenda in the sector.

As a highly specific fair, actors from all levels of the fastener market will gather together for some days: tooling and machine manufacturers, cold formers, distributors and auxiliary companies. It will be a great occasion to make new contacts within this dynamic and challenging sector.

You will find TEMSA in the Hall 8, Stand S25, you are very welcome to visit us!

TEMSA Fastener Fair