The construction of dies and punches for pressing metal powders requires high accuracy equipment, repeatability and autonomy. TEMSA is not only fully equipped for this purpose, but has also standardized and automated these processes. This places TEMSA among one of the best companies in the world producing tools for calibrated compaction or pressing metal powders.

Among this equipment there are modern high-speed machining facilities that allows the production of complicated front profiles of the upper and lower punches after heat treatment has been applied, and with high hardness: between 60-64 HRc. TEMSA is developing pressing punches using different carbide alloys.




Advice on carbide and steel grades for different applications.

Machining of front profiles at high-speed punches.
Machining of revolving profiles using lathes with technology developed by TEMSA. Carbide and steel dies.
The whole profile is processed on a single operation.
Large number of shapes with very high geometric complexity.
Mirror polishing with ultrasonic equipment.
CAD-CAM simulator.

± 0.005 mm tolerances.


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When accuracy turns into art:
Modern equipment of high-speed
machining and accuracy turn
precision into art.