TEMSA purchases a new wire EDM machine AC Progress VP2

TEMSA goes on with new purchases. This time it has been a new AC Progress VP2, like the last machine, as well from the swiss company GF Machining Solutions. This machine will strengthen the Wire EDM department, becoming the 5th machine working in it.

AC Progress VP2 represents another step forward to improve productivity in the high-value processes. The key point of this machine are similar to other machines with AGIE technology: maximum precision, high quality surface finish and perfect repeatability. In addition this machine offers the advantage of using 2 different wires on a single-wire system, also called Duo TEC technologies, which allows save time and wire cost.

This new acquisition together with the new hole drilling EDM, TEMSA will reinforce all departments working in high-value process with up-market machinery: HSC, inner grinding, Spark EDM and Wire EDM. TEMSA gets so ready for the new challenges coming.

AC Progress VP2

AC Progress VP2

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