TEMSA publishes a new catalogue for Open Dies

TEMSA has published a new catalogue for open dies due to the high demand observed lately, both for the manufacture and the design of the tools.

The main goal of this catalogue is basically to broaden the knowledge of this product among the current partners of TEMSA. On the other hand it tries to inspire and encourage those ones who currently do not have enough know-how in this technology so they ask TEMSA for help if they feel this drawback is insurmountable in order to improve their product range.

TEMSA has significantly increased the production of open dies, since the segments of TEMSA are independent and interchangeable between each other and this is a plus for the technicians.

This catalogue was first introduced at the Fastener Fair 2015 in Stuttgart and it was very well received. The open dies are going to be considered, together with the popular catalogue of TEMSA Extrusion dies the flagship of the cold forming tooling by TEMSA.


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