TEMSA attends to the Tecnical Meeting organised by M.Altuna Institute and Asefi

TEMSA hast taken part in the Technical Meeting about Lubricating Systems in Cold Forming organized by M. ALTUNA Institute and Asefi.
The conference was about the significance of the Lubricating systems in the cold forming as a sometimes forgotten subject to be dicussed in depth. Several technical speakers from companies involved in this subject broke down all the key points to the more than 50 attendees:
- purpose of the lubricating systems (by Sebir)
- variables influencing in friction
- preparation of material–> different lubricant carriers, with and without Zinc phosphate (by Chemetall)
- different oil lubricant and how the lubricant manufacturers verify the performance of the lubricating systems (by Fuchs)

In addition, there was a special emphasis in the enviromental aspect of this part of the cold forming process.

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