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TEMSA enhances its production capacity with another new Studer CT730

Studer CT730

TEMSA keeps pace with the plans of innovation and automation of its processes. The latest improvement has been another Studer CT730 for inner grinding. This model is specially designed for grinding of medium diameters of very hard materials, like tungsten carbide.

This is the second CT730 and it is a logical consequence of the current plan of machine purchases in order to strengthen the automation of production processes. Machines like this, along with our CAD-CAM system, allow avoiding human interference as much as possible.

Studer CT730 provides several advantages: On one hand it produces homogeneous radius with perfect tangency; moreover, it makes possible a perfect repeatability of those inner shapes for serial production and on the other hand it achieves a great surface finish before polishing.

This second Studer CT730 will help TEMSA enhancing its productivity for the so called easy tooling, allowing us to offer our customers a great variety of tools with a challenging price.