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International Conference May 5th – 6th 2015. New Developments in Forging Technology

The International Conference “New Developments in Forging Technology” is organised every second year in collaboration with the Forschungsgesellschaft Umformtechnik mbH Stuttgart (FGU). About 250 engineers from commercial companies and universities are expected to attend this conference. During both days of the conference attendees will have the opportunity to join the dispute regarding the state of the art and future tendencies in bulk metal forming and to give impact on future public research- and specific development activities as well. German and foreign experts from universities and industry will present papers. Thus an adequate mix of theory and technical know-how will be provided.

On 5th and 6th May 2015, the Institute for Metal Forming Technology (IFU) Stuttgart/Germany welcomes managers, executives and scientists to join the International Conferences “New Developments in Forging Technology 2015″. During conference issues und contributions regarding new concepts of tools, manufacturing systems and production equipment will be discussed.

The presentations will be held in English or German with simultaneous translations. The conference proceedings are published in English and German language as well.

Topics in 2015
- Strategic opening lectures
- Process simulation, damage, failures in forging
- Materials, heat treatment and microstructure evolution
- Control loops in forging technology
- Die technology and process engineering
- Analysis of products and future prospectives in cold forging

Program overview

Monday, May 4th – Prior to Conference

- Plant tours to forging companies
- IFU-Welcome venue
- Guided tours through the Institute for Metal Forming
- Demonstrations at the IFU-laboratory
Tuesday, May 5th – 1st Day of the Conference
- Strategic opening presentations
- Industrial and scientific lectures
- Exhibition
- Gala dinner

Wednesday, May 6th – 2nd Day of the Conference

- Industrial and scientific lectures
- Exhibition
- Overview of research activities at Metal Forming Institutes in Germany (AGU)

Conference in Forging Technology